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Value Added Services

DH3 Product


Campaign Management platform is a comprehensive Digital Marketing solution to plan, execute, and evaluate campaigns via SMS, Mobile Application, and Facebook. Campaign Management Platform is designed to scale up as it progresses with the increase of the business transactions. Platform is capable to fulfil the end to end campaign cycle while integrating to any enterprise grade platform such as Facebook, SMSC, etc.




Loyalty platform is a comprehensive Digital loyalty solution to earn and redeem loyalty points via SMS, Mobile Application, and USSD. Loyalty Platform is capable to fulfil the end to end loyalty requirements of the customer life cycle. • Loyalty calculation percentage defined based on the customer category such as gold, silver, bronze, etc.
• Categorize customers based on monthly spend
• Loyalty redemption at are enabled for selected purchases.
• Provide points for membership referral
• Compartment wise specific amount for each company or common bucket.
• Time bound for season with expiry or unlimited.
• Customers without app will be communicated via SMS and need to download the app to redeem vouchers
• Combined with other offers or exclusive


High speed payments using state of the art contactless smartcards ensuring full security and reliability for online and off-line payments is built in as standard in every deployment. With many year experience in designing and implementing card systems you can be assured of a fast and trouble-free deployment. Customer can bring own device as per our specification. • PVC Card with NFC Chip
• Smart phone with NFC
• NFC Wearable
• Non NFC phone with Tag/ sticker



Solution enables secure & real-time payments through Current and Savings Accounts where receiving bank account can be any bank account connected to interbank Switch. Payments using Credit / Debit Cards enables secure & real-time payments via VISA / MASTER payment networks. User enters his card information into the App/ Library and solution issues tokens which can be used to make payments via our solution. Solution transacts using tokens instead of PANs / Account Numbers therefore tokens can be used to various type of payment modes securely.